How can I backup my site?

At HostUpon we have a Premium backup system in place which backs up the entire account every 4 hours for 5 days in total. The best part is that it does not cause a high load and also we can simply restore just 1 file if you need or multiple files. We do not have to restore everything like before. So if you delete just 1 folder or file for example, we can simply restore that. We also do all backups for you on a remote server for security.  This way you don't ever have to worry about backups as we have them at all times for you.

You can read more about the service here:

If you do want your own backups you can backup your files through FTP and your database can be exported through PHPMyAdmin.

If you specifically want a backup file it will be $10.  You would submit a support ticket for this special request.

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